Hello and welcome To Getsound.ai.

Our app is designed to help you improve your wellness and relaxation, help you focus, or simply set a tone to transform any space into a home.

Our algorithm creates ambient music that responds to your current surroundings, such as the weather conditions, location, or time of day all being done in real time.

That means that every sound you hear is unique to you and this specific moment in time. So if you're looking to meditate, unwind from a long day, or simply stay inside on a rainy day, GetSound will generate the perfect ambient music for you to enjoy every time and will keep playing new music for as long as you wish.

GetSound is perfect for businesses such as hotels, Spas, wellness centers, workspaces, and so much more.

If your business has multiple spaces, our app offers control for multiple zones. So you can generate a unique soundscape for each area and make it a place you won't want to leave. And as the app grows and our algorithms are getting better, GetSound gets smarter so you can just lunch the app, and relax.

About The Team

The founders, Adi Goldstein and Lior Nitzan have been musicians, producers, and soundscape creators for over 20 years. They developed an Ai engine that creates the perfect personalized soundscape for any situation, making it possible for businesses other than Film and TV to enjoy the incredible sound environments.

Lior Nitzan

Co-Founder & CTO

Adi Goldstein

Co-Founder & Sound Architect